CALABRESE- 13 Halloweens (Orange 12" Vinyl) ***First Pressing

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CALABRESE- 13 Halloweens (Orange 12" Vinyl) ***First Pressing

13 Halloweens, the first full length album from the brothers CALABRESE, hits you like a stake through the heart. This thirteen-track, rock and roll death machine is ready to splatter you like a jack-o’-lantern on Halloween! Experience the horror for the first time on pumpkin orange translucent vinyl! (Limited to only 500)

1. Zombie I
2. Resurrection
3. Death of Me
4. One of Us
5. Midnight Spookshow
6. Backseat of My Hearse
7. Eyes Down
8. Shrunken Head Kids
9. Evening
10. Blood in My Eyes
11. Every Day's a Funeral
12. Crizila
13. Phantasmagoria

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