CALABRESE- III, They Call Us Death CD (Remastered)

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CALABRESE- III, They Call Us Death CD (Remastered)

Released in 2010, "They Call Us Death" was considered Calabrese's heaviest and hardest record to date. Could it ever get any better than that? Well, it just got better! Listen to Calabrese's third album, "They Call Us Death," newly remastered and packaged in all it's death-punk glory.

1. They Call Us Death
2. Black Anathema
3. Deep in the Red
4. Near Twilight
5. Blood of the Wolf
6. Within the Abyss
7. Venomwolf
8. Summon the Beyond
9. Violet Hellfire
10. The Machine of Instant Death
11. Endless Night
12. Loveless God

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