CALABRESE- Dayglo Necros "12 VINYL --*SIGNED* -- (toxic coffin *splatter)

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WARNING: In April of 2012, on the barren fields of the Arizona plains, three musicians mysteriously vanished while recording their fourth album. Whereabouts unknown, the trio simply disappeared from the studio without a trace. A few months later those audio files were found, restored and brought to life. What was discovered was a cryptic and puzzling collection of music, mayhem and madness. THIS is that album! For the first time ever, you can now experience the phenomenon that is Calabrese in the comfort and safety of your own home!

1. The Dead Don't Rise
2. Coffin of Ruins
3. Heart Possession
4. Ghostwolves
5. The Man Who Lived Twice
6. She Hasn't Been Herself In Years
7. Darkhold
8. Red Slash
9. Hungry Are the Dogs
10. History of Nothing
11. Bring Us Hell
12. Damned to the Night
13. Sea of Dirt

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