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CALABRESE- Born With a Scorpion's Touch CD *(Alt. Cover)

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While moving crates deep in the catacombs of the Calabrese Manor, we discovered a lost treasure - a stack of Limited Edition Alt. Artwork CD's from the Born With a Scorpion's Touch Era. The 2013 breakthrough hit was alternatively fitted with a scorpion only design which has inspired many Calabrese tattoos! 500 only went to retail...and can be yours today!

1. American Rebel Death Riders
2. Born With a Scorpion's Touch
3. I Wanna Be a Vigilante
4. At Night I Am the Warmest
5. Loner at Heart
6. Mindwarp
7. Danger
8. Ride With the Living Dead
9. Only the Dead Know My Name
10. I Ride Alone
11. There Is an Evil Inside