Frequently Asked Questions

Some bum made my thingy wrong!  Will you send me a new thingy?

Yep, we cover manufacturer defects.


You bums made a mistake!  Will you send me the right thingy?

Sorry about that.  We’ll cover all costs and resend you the right item without a hassle.


What if the delivery bums lose my thingy?

Please note that once an order is shipped correctly, our part has been completed.  However, as a courtesy to you, we will submit a request for refund with the carrier (the Post Office, etcetera) if the carrier can’t provide a notification of delivery to the shipping address you provided to us, and we will reship a replacement free of charge.

If we do receive a notification of delivery to the shipping address you provided to us, the transaction has been completed and we have no recourse with the carrier. 


I screwed up, but I am not a bum.  Can I exchange my thingy?

Wrong fit or not your style? No worries. All exchanges and refunds must be done in a timely manner (less than 30 days from receiving item). You can mail them with your order date, email address you ordered with, name, shipping address, and instructions (i.e. different style/size for exchanges, etc). Be sure to provide a phone number and the best email to contact you at in case we have questions.

Please note that we can’t exchange or return items that have been washed (trust me, we can tell), worn (besides being tried on, of course), have any animal hair on them, are dirty, or that have bonus smells (perfumes, oils, stinkiness), etcetera, as these items aren't saleable (yes, saleable is a real word). We also do not exchange or return books or digital media (music, movies, etc) unless they were damaged or defective.

Acme will cover the cost of shipping exchanges back to you (say, that’s awfully nice of them!) except for international shipping and products over 13 ounces (multiple shirts, hoodies, etc). You are responsible for shipping to Acme.

Acme’s address: Acme Prints, Attn: Fulfillment Dep’t,  705 N. 7th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85007


Can those bums in customs take a while on international shipments?

Your country's customs division can take a day or two, a week or two, or even more depending on a few things.  It mostly depends on how busy they are, and some countries just take longer than others.  Unfortunately, it often seems like random chance when they take much longer than usual and we have no control over it. 


Do you ship to my country?  How much will it cost? 

We ship to every country except those prohibited by law (North Korea, Mordor, etc).  The price depends on what you are ordering and how quickly you would like to receive it.  You should be able to see the various shipping options and respective costs once your enter your address online.


Why am I getting an error when entering my credit card?  It’s a bummer.

You may be entering the wrong address without even knowing it. Our payment processor uses AVS (address verification) for all charges and will refuse a charge if you enter the wrong billing address.


Sometimes the address that the bank has on file is a variation of your actual address. Even cards that normally pass AVS might fail our processor’s particularly strict AVS. If you have tried multiple variations of your address without success, please contact your bank and check to see which address they use for validating credit cards.


Keep in mind that the bank may have both a mailing and a billing address on file for you. Please be sure that you are entering the correct billing address.


Here are some hints for entering your address:


Leave out the apartment or suite number.

Spell out all of the words in the street name.

For institutional addresses, the street address will probably work better than the name of the institution, but try both.

Example address: 1337 W. Cloudphone St., Apt #42

Try:  1337 West Cloudphone Street


Example Institutional Address:  University of Telefonica, Department of Communications, 23 Greetings Ave.

Try: 23 Greetings Avenue


The lack of a “State/Province” field on our “Add a New Card” form won’t matter because the state can be inferred by the postal code.